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We are the most trusted name in the staffing services industry! We are committed to providing the best match between candidates and companies. We hire people because we believe in what you believe!



WE provide a complex blend of services to different population. The company serves business through connecting them with professional contingent workforce. It also serves the workers by connecting them with businesses, at no charge, and providing other benefits not often provided by other employment agencies.

OUR Staffing Services is organized into several divisions:

Temporary Staffing 

This staffing solution provides you with the flexibility to work as per your availability. We will match a position with you as per your skill and motivation. You can work in the field, explore it more while making sure you are earning a pay!

Permanent Staffing

This is the solution where we provide placement to the candidate directly with the company in the best suitable position. Ask us how you can get benefit from this service!

Executive Staffing

We find here the best candidate for those senior-level jobs and place them to their appropriate workplace direct. Ask us how you can get benefit from this service!

Outplacement Services

We provide a vast number of career services to those in need. This service includes Resume and Cover Letter Evaluation / Improvement, Build Your Own Brand, Emotional Support, Job Search Assistance, Network Opportunity, Social Media Strategy, Financial Education & Career Plan, Interview Preparation & Much More!



Resume Building Workshop

The Resume Writing Workshop is designed to assist job seekers to write the most effective resumes that reflect their accomplishments, skills, and experiences in relation to the job they are applying for.


We do Provide Career Guidance and Financial Need Analysis to those who want to explore more in career and need some education on how to manage finances efficiently.

Interview Preparation Workshop

What separates you from others is your preparation. This workshop is designed to help candidate nail their Job Interview. Ask us how you can get benefit from the workshop!

Personal Development Workshop

Upgrade your employability with our Personal Development Workshops available In-Class and Online. Ask us how you can get benefit from the workshop!

Ride Arrangements / Ride Share

Almost before we knew it, we had left the ground.A shining crescent far beneath the flying vessel.

Basic Computer and Language Workshop

We Provide this for free to who who are in need, new immigrants, new workers to Canada.

Job Fair and Network Events

Ask us how you can get benefit from the workshop!

Job Specific Training

Ask us how you can get benefit from the workshop!



We have a right candidates!
If you are looking for staffing solution for your company, you can always trust our name in the recruitment industry. Let us save your time by handling the entire hiring process, screening and placement procedures for you.

We here at Thrive International have a team of experts who can provide the best solutions for the following services:

HR Consulting

Thrive International can provide solutions in the following areas mentioned below:

  •  Policy development  
  • Orientation / Onboarding
  •  Employee Handbook  
  • Dispute Management
  • Organizational Design and Development
  • Investigations (Workplace and Harassment)
  •  Performance Management  
  • Compensation, Rewards, Benefits Evaluation
  •  CA & Termination
  •  Implementing Performance Management Programs
  •  Succession Planning
  •  Union Management
  •  Exit / Termination of an Employee  
  • And Much More! 

Contact Us today to get more info or if you have any questions or concerns.

Permanent Staffing

We are here to provide you a perfect solution. We are industry leaders with years of experience in the HR / Staffing industry and can provide you exceptional services if you need Permanent staffing.

We believe in providing quality candidates to our clients. Hence, we have a highly advanced and professional candidate selecting process for the flawless performance and harmony within the company and position.

Temporary Staffing

We are experts in Temporary and Temporary-to-Hire staffing. We have a proven strategy that works the best and can help you to find the best and qualified candidate who is ready to work for you and meets your specific staffing requirements.

Benefits of Temporary Staffing are as follow:

  • No Long-Term commitments  
  • Provides Staffing flexiblity
  •  Saves Time and Money  
  • Quick & Accurate Placement
  •  We do onboarding, payroll, deductions and paperworks
  • Our Staffing specialist can help you increase ROI

We have a very high success rate for temporary or temporary-to-hire staffing than any other agency in the market. We provide very qualified staff. Additionally, we don't charge for any temporary-to-hire staffing after 500 hours. Contact Us today to find out more about our Temporary Staffing Services.

Executive Staffing

We at Ideal Solutions Canada operates a separate department of HR Professionals who are expert in Executive / Professional Staffing. We provide high-quality placements in top-level and highly skilled positions in a variety of industries as mentioned below:

  • Accounting  
  • Customer Services
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Insurance
  • Information Technology
  • Industrial Placement
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Manufacturing & Operations
  • Transport, Supply Chain etc.
  • Professional Business Support
  • Hospitality  
  • Education
  • Health Care & Medical
  • Food Industry / Food Processing
  • Agriculture, Environment
  • Entertainment & Media

Contact Us today to get more info or if you have any questions or concerns.

Outplacement Services

The outplacement services we provide here at Ideal Solutions Canada will help anyone looking for career transition gain confidence. We provide one-to-one support to those in need to enhance their focus for a future job, help with job search, interview preparation, etc.

Our Career Coaching for individual includes:

  • Resume & Cover Letter Evaluation / Improvement 
  •  Build your Own Brand
  •  Emotional Support
  • Job Search Assistance
  •  Networking Opportunity
  • Social Media Strategy
  •  Financial Education & Career Plan
  •  Interview Preperation & Much More!

Contact Us today to get more info or if you have any questions or concerns.

Skills Evaluation Services

We believe in providing a quality placement to our clients. Hence, we have dedicated team of professionals who does only the skills evaluation of candidates during the screening process. We provide these services for free.

One of our recruitment specialists will contact you to seek more information on what skills you need in your new hire. We will do the evaluation on them, reports will be sent out to you digitally. We will review them with you and will pass recommendations as well if needed to hire the perfect candidate for the position.

We Provide following Skill Evaluation Services by default in our Screening Process for free!

  • Language Evaluation (For those with English as Second Language, In Canada for less than 1 Yr)  
  • Computer Skills Evaluation (Typing, MS-Office etc.)
  • Personality Evaluation  
  • Aptitude Test

Contact Us today to get more info or if you have any questions or concerns.

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