"Thrive International" is a company located in Southern Manitoba. We provide businesses with all the essential services they need to take their business to the next level.

With the head office in southern Manitoba, we have our operation in the whole of Canada, the USA, Kenya, and India. We are a team made up of ordinary people with extraordinary talents and work ethic. Our team is educated, loves family and life, and has passion for what we do. We strive every day to continue educating ourselves with current trends and do our best to excel in everything we do in our family life and business.

We want to be a business that helps other businesses, and therefore we value and put effort into our relationships with our employees as well as our clients. We believe our success starts by hiring the right people and equipping them with a good work environment and the tools they need to bring them to the top of their game.


We want our clients to feel like they are much better off, having known us. Its important to us that the client feels like we improved their business and brought them to a place they could not have gone on their own.

Our company mission is to help other businesses thrive and reach new potentials every day. We do this by offering various services such as drafting, accounting, marketing materials and more. We want to work alongside our clients to merge their vision with our design capabilities and turn it into a product that can crush the market. We will test the product to ensure the quality of the product and create the proper documentation and SOPs to streamline and provide a flawless manufacturing process. Then, taking this product, we can create stunning rendered photos and videos that we can post on the user-friendly website we create for their business.

We understand that the investment a business must make to have access to all these services is greater than a lot of businesses have the means to undertake. That is why at Thrive- we make the investment so that we can offer premium quality services at an affordable cost to the client.


Why Choose Us

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